Halloween Candy Advent Chain

Advent Chain_featured image

Here’s a fun activity to make use of all that Halloween candy.

Materials needed:

6-7 sheets of green and red tissue paper
Clear tape
Small wrapped candies

As soon as we get home from Trick-or-Treating the kids start sorting out their favorites. It’s best to use “fun-size” or smaller candies. We keep this collection in a Ziploc, labeled by name and stashed away until we plan to complete the project. You will need 24 pieces if you start counting down on December 1st, or 26 pieces if you start on the first Sunday of Advent, November 29th.

1. Gather tissue paper and cut the sheets into four smaller sections.

Advent Chain_how to image A

2. Place one piece of candy along the side of one sheet and roll it up. Flatten the tube and bring ends together, forming your first link, and then tape the ends together. Smaller children may need help with the taping.

Advent Chain_how to image B

3. Roll your next piece of candy in an alternating color. Remind kids to put it through the last link before taping the ends together.

Advent Chain_how to image C

4. When the chain is finished, number each link with a marker. When the season begins, tear open one section per day. Enjoy!

Find more holiday crafts and free printables at my website, www.ahcreations.com, plus my new children’s book The Cure for the Christmas Crazies.


Advent Chain_how to image D

Helpful Hint

To add a meaningful lesson, include a piece of paper with scripture (rolled around the candy so it doesn’t get torn with the tissue). You could tell the narrative of the Birth of Jesus, one line at a time. Or include anything related to a topic of your choice. For example, I did a search for sweet, taste and food at BibleGateway.com and found these results:

Pleasing words are a honeycomb, sweet to the taste and invigorating to the bones.
– Proverbs 16:24

Does not the ear judge words as the mouth tastes food?
– Job 12:11

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the stalwart one who takes refuge in him.
– Psalm 34:9

The generous will be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.
– Proverbs 22:9

Thus all who dwell on the earth shall know, all who remain in the world shall understand, That nothing is better than the fear of the Lord, nothing sweeter than obeying the commandments of the Lord.
– Ben Sira 23:27


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